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How mobile can help your store sell more

  • Positives and negatives of cell phones

  • How to turn your cell phone into a work tool?

  • How to combat non-work app usage

  • What does the labor law say about cell phone use?

  • success case

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The importance of good communication

  • how to communicate

  • when to communicate

  • Which channel to communicate

  • success case

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Mobile Management: How can it be implemented in the company

  • What is mobile management

  • Advantages of mobile management

  • How to implement mobile management in the company

  • Why combine mobile technology with your business?

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Guide to reducing your company’s selling costs

  • The importance of creating pre-sales support

  • Why bet on relationship marketing

  • How to constantly monitor the sales force

  • How to form a high performance team

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Complete Guide to Technology in the Sales Area

  • What is the importance of using technology in the sales area

  • What are the main technologies to apply in the sales area

  • How to apply technology in sales properly

  • What are the benefits of using technology in sales?

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Practical guide to sales team performance indicators

  • Why performance indicators are important in sales

  • What are the key indicators for sales teams

  • How to manage indicators for sales teams

  • What are the benefits of using indicators for the sales team

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Human Capital and Retail Productivity

  • How to decrease turnover to an acceptable number

  • Making training a key tool for success

  • Learn about team scaling and how it impacts the business

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Winning the People Management Challenge in Retail

  • Identify and retain talent

  • Use mobile learning techniques to train salespeople

  • Choosing the right method for giving feedback

  • Motivate and encourage the team

  • Improve team performance and decrease turnover

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Training and Qualification of Retail Teams

  • What are the benefits of retail training?

  • What types of training exist

  • How to choose the best training for salespeople

  • The difference between e-learning and mobile learning

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How to use gamification in retail

  • What is gamification?

  • What are the advantages of retail games?

  • How to apply gamification without compromising the company?

  • Ways to enable the gamification strategy

  • Mistakes to be avoided and success stories

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Retail Performance and Performance Manual

  • What are the main indicators to be monitored?

  • What’s the best way to find out what your team’s improvement points are?

  • What are the best trainings and how should they be offered?

  • How to set and collect goals?

  • How to help your team achieve results?

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How to Demotivate Your Team

  • Why does motivation matter?

  • 6 tips to improve determination

  • Main factors that demotivate

  • How to improve leadership problems?

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Complete Guide: Sales Training

  • Benefits of sales training

  • How to set up an effective sales training?

  • The types of training available and how they work

  • What are the best techniques for each type of team?

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Casting Method

  • How to define, monitor and update performance indicators?

  • What is the best way to implement the feedback culture?

  • What are the best ways to train and empower employees?

  • How to create campaigns, reward, communicate and motivate the team?

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Complete Guide: Feedback for Area Sales

  • The importance of feedback for the sales team

  • How to provide and receive feedback efficiently

  • How to evaluate the employee for feedback

  • How to use feedback to optimize the sales process

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Guide to Motivation Campaigns

  • How important is a motivational campaign?

  • What should this type of campaign be based on?

  • How to run a campaign to really create motivation?

  • How to use gamification within campaigns?

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